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Here Are

They are here to guide us to a friendly Community, together, and may be updated if there is something that has to be made clear

These are some of the things that are allowed:


You are allowed to talk about your favorite Games, and if you are a Game Developer then you are of course welcome to share your Game with us, as we are very much interested in Games; there will be a Category in the Forum for this purpose.


You are allowed to promote your own YouTube channel, you can share your own channel and what it is that you are doing. There is no reason here to worry, as long as your content is friendly to the Community then it is welcome.


You are allowed to share your interests in general (what you like, and such), as long as the content that you are sharing does not include nudity or other things that may be offensive for other members of the Community. Don't worry too much about this, if your common sense tells you that it would be good to share then it probably is.

These are some of the things that are not allowed:


You are not allowed to harass, bully, or otherwise harm another Community Member emotionally. If this is found to be done intentionally then it may result in a permanent ban.


While minor offenses will be given a warning where it is seen as excessive, such as the use of Profanity (Motherfucker, Bitch, Asshole, and such).


You are not allowed to share nudity of any kind, doing so may result in a permanent ban.


While you are allowed to share mildly arousing content of a character or person that has clothing, note that if the content is found to be offensive then a warning will be given, and it may lead to a ban if the content is too sexual.


You are not allowed to share violence that is related to people in real life, whether it be emotional or physical violence, this is not allowed at all under any circumstances and will immediately result in a permanent ban.​


Sports such as "Boxing" is of course allowed to be shared, keep in mind that this rule is here to prevent Trauma for the Community Members, it does not relate to Sports or Fictional Characters that you would see in Video Games, Comics, or Movies/Anime.


You are not allowed to harass other Community Members via the Members Chat.


The Members Chat is here for the purpose of chatting with each other in a friendly manner about Games and other topics that perhaps you would not want to make a new Post about. It should go without saying that it can lead to a permanent ban if your intention is to harm the Community Members emotionally, so please be respectful and we can all be happy.

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